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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Crossing Church wants your money right away!

The Crossing Church of Elk River, Minnesota wants your money.  $ Money $ Money $ Money $  But they don't simply want you to ask you for your hard earned cash after the sermon because there is a possibility you may leave before their 5 minute (10 minute, upwards of 15 minutes!) tithing speech.  So now you'll notice they do the push for money during worship time; "as part of the worship experience".

You understand this is all cleverly orchestrated to manipulate you, right?  This isn't God speaking on their behalf.  You have a Section Leader (oh yes, we'll be talking about the 'Sections' very soon) who has been given a script on what to say to you, which ties into the tithe talk and sermon.  Have you noticed the forced clapping as they do the offering?  Again, this is more subtle manipulation for you to give a conditioned response (giving them money) when you make this motion each time.

Eric and Kelly Dykstra are using you!  Wake up!

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