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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Censorship vs. Relationship

The past year, since stories of spiritual abuse have come out, the Crossing has been on high alert to hide any negative comments towards them.  Unless you are in full agreement with them, on any subject, your comments from their Facebook or Twitter will immediately be deleted. Not only has any comment I've given, or anyone in my group given, been deleted within minutes of posting but comments of many others.  Just a few months ago I saw one woman pleading for them to answer her; her step father is involved in the Crossing and has left his family.  She said, "Why won't you answer me?!?!"  Instant deletion.

If you call them out on Twitter they block you.  They want to give the illusion they are full of the love of Jesus instead of the truth which is they are full of sh*t.  Blocking has become the latest gimmick for Christian Culture.  Mark Driscoll recently blocked blogger Matthew Paul Turner.  The equivalent to being kicked out the back door.

Even in the WCCO news story, where Eric Dykstra was going to address the controversy surrounding them nothing was actually cleared up.  He said, "I've been misquoted and misunderstood."  What was misquoted?  Every word said has been directly from his mouth.  Misunderstood?  We were front row center (by force of the seating Nazis) and had everything verbally pounded into us.  Nothing has been misunderstood.

Here is the question Crossing church: what are you afraid of?  If you are truly a 'Move of God' as you claim then shouldn't he be protecting you from bad press?  Why can't you address your critics?  Why can't you have a conversation?

"Relationship is how we’ve all been harmed, relationship is how we will all be healed." ~ Stephanie Drury