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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Eric is Unshakable! Well not really....

The Crossing Church's latest sermon series "Unshakable" is out and {yawn} it's the same tired stuff we've heard for years and years.  Lets look at some highlights:

"I give even when I don't have any money!"   Really, Eric?  Tell us about the last time you didn't have money.  You are manipulating people at their lowest point, without money, to keep up your lifestyle.

"It seems like our culture is constantly telling women that beauty is found in the exterior....don't go out and be ugly...."  Is anyone else hearing Trump's voice?  (I digress.)  I don't see how you can dare preach on obsession with outward beauty when your wife uses half of her Instagram posts humble bragging for people to compliment her.  And "don't go out and be ugly"??  Fuck.

 "they are going to lie about you, twist the truth..."   And there we go!  This is the one we've been waiting for.  How many sermons, how many times a year, does Eric have to say that someone has been wrongly slamming on him?  For the facts, not lies, as to why people have made critical comments about Eric Dykstra and the Crossing Church; this post details them well with many links to sources.  

Eric, you were not "called out for your faith".  You were rightly talked about in negative terms because of your actions.  The audacity that instead of fully owning all the things you did as an abusive leader, but instead saying it's for God, is disgraceful and horrific.  

"For all of you that never get attacked for your faith, maybe you don't actually have any."  You are such an arrogant asshole!  I know many people of faith, true to their core faith, that do not get attacked. They aren't getting attacked because they aren't power hungry, manipulative, devious pricks!  

Same request, as always, please stop.

And remember Crossing minions; no commenting!  Eric's orders!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Kelly "Fights for a Girl"...sort of

I've been watching Kelly's Dykstra's new initiative "Fight for a Girl" with interest to see if this will actually be something of value and help for females or simply another way for Kelly to glorify herself.  The information is sketchy.

This seems to be their mission statement:
Fight For A Girl seeks to empower women globally to rise up into the calling of freedom on their lives. And we want you to be a part of it with us. We want to create a platform where we can learn how to fight for ourselves, our relationships, our neighbors, and our sisters on the other side of the world. We want to see you rise up, and we believe that as you do, the people around you will be freed to rise up, too. Our goal is to be a partner, a bridge, a resource, and an encouragement as we all open our eyes and join hands with each other. 

They frequently allude to money that is raised at the Twirl events, or through buying their ever growing amount of merchandise, in some way goes to "Fight for a Girl" yet dollar figures are never given and you aren't sure exactly who is being helped.  There was a scholarship fund to send a single mother to Crossing College, but again, this only gives money straight back to The Crossing!  Ca-Ching!

All this aside; Kelly actually had a heartfelt and poignant post after the election talking about what the loss meant to women.  She spoke about women rising up.  She spoke about being strong women.  She spoke candidly about her feelings.  Right when I almost had an ounce of respect for her the post was taken down. And this post was put up:

She was told by "close friends" (read = friends in power) that "the issues surrounding the candidates and parties are too volatile for this".  They are right.  The issues are volatile and this is why you should be speaking up!  Fuck your friends, Kelly.  You did nothing wrong.  Well until you cowered to the powers that be.

I do hope you "Fight for a Girl" one day but you sure aren't now.