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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Crossing Profits Big from Pastor Kelly's Twirl Event

Yes, it's Twirl time again.  Dress up, dance around, worship Kelly Dykstra, get a token gift and some far NW Minneapolis suburb entertainment.  Apparently some chicks dig this and that's fine.  Yeah, I'm lying, as I'm judging the hell out of this, but still - go do you.

I've written previously about where I take issue with Twirl; Twirl is primarily to glorify Kelly Dykstra. The upcoming Twirl event is no different as the special guests are Kelly's mother and her sisters.  All expenses paid by Crossing tithes?  Possibly.  I suppose it could also be paid by the Twirl event fee, which has jumped in 6 years from $5 to $12 (or a whopping $20 at the door).  Kelly's recent Instagram post says thousands are coming.  

Lets stick with a flat 1,000 coming and assume they each pay $12 each, though there are also sponsorship packages of $150, and of course the $20 at the door people who get penalized for not buying early enough (Always only about Jesus!)  $12,000 made in one night.  Also charging $1 per child for childcare (previously they had the men volunteer to take care of the kids).  We'll go with 1/4 of the women needing childcare, and I'm sure I'm estimating low, so that's $250.  Everyone working there is volunteering so there are no expenses for labor.  It's their space so no cost to utilize the facilities.  Throw together some trinkets, printing costs and a bite to eat at about $5 a head (bulk rate).  They clear $7,000 for this one event.

Where does this money go?  Well the hashtag for the Twirl events has recently been "Fight for a Girl".  So is the money going to a charity?  It's implied that it goes to something but they never say this directly.  There will be a Twirl store to buy things and they do say the money from that will go somewhere.  I'm curious.  I know the Crossing doesn't do anything they don't benefit from so I suspect this is more about money and Kelly's ego than actually helping any "girls" in a practical way.