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Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Dreams at The Crossing Church

I just listened to "Christmas Dreams", weeks 1 & 2, by The Crossing Church, and I was reminded of my last Christmas there back in December of 2010. As I walked into the auditorium I noticed I'd lost the diamond to my wedding ring. I scrambled looking under chairs but couldn't find it. We were being told to move along to get others in, and clearly my issue was of no concern. I held back tears, and stuffed down emotions, because I felt bad that I was concerned over a material possession when I was supposed to be worried about people going to hell. That moment felt ominous. It was like I knew the end was coming in some way. The next year I went all in; money, serving, begging and pleading for God's will. By June of 2011 everything exploded, I saw them for who they really were, and I left.

Some key points from week 1:

  • Mary had a willing hear to do the hard stuff.  “Do you?”
  • Your story will never be included if you’re not willing to do ‘whatever’.
  • Why would God even bother to talk, if he already knows you’re not willing to listen?
  • In what area of your life has your heart become unwilling? 
  • He will shine favor in the darkest places of your life but you must be willing…
  • He searches every thought and understands every thought we have.
  • The reason why you lost the joy of your salvation is because it’s not tied to a willing spirit.
  • (fake tears around 35:30)

Bottom line: IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!

At they end they had everyone take a Christmas dreams card from the back of chair.  You were to admit how you haven't been willing in some way to do all God wants.  (Assumption that you aren't giving your all.  This is always the fall back at church when your life isn't thriving...you're doing something wrong."  You were to write “I have had an unwilling heart about_______” and get up out of your seat, and set the paper on the stage up front.”  (Churches love making you make a public display of yourself.  They call it accountability and not the public shaming that it really is.)

Some key points from week 2:
  • A god given dream is about advancing Jesus, not advancing self
     “It’s our role on planet earth to make Jesus look good!”
  • God put you on earth to advance him
  • every time an interruption happens, it’s an inconvenience or an introduction to something better (really?  Every time, huh?)
  • "so I pray they get a job, and after they get the job we don't see them anymore, the job wasn't a dream, it was a temptation!" 
  • "can you please give me a raise so I can tithe less"  
  • power couple for Jesus (Eric & Kelly Dykstra)
  • willing heart to do all the hard stuff God asks us to do
So this sermon went on incessantly about not having your own dreams but only God's dreams.  Yet...the Dykstra's are sure thriving and living their dreams! Travel!  Luxury shoes! (Yes, the infamous Louboutins make another appearance.) Vacations!  It's interesting that though they preach on God providing increase; we're only seeing the Dykstra's increasing.  Are their staff buying new homes?  New cars?  Taking long international vacations?  

I found both sermons to be total bullshit and another way to manipulate people to give to them.  "Do _____ and God will _____."  No, he won't.  I was obedient. I did tithe.  I did give.  I did serve.  I was fucking willing.  Nothing happened.