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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where is the missing sermon?

In past posts I've talked about changes that seemed to be happening at the Crossing; no more submission talk, grace and by all appearances the extreme pushes for money had stopped.  Elk River appeared peaceful for a time.  Yet in recent sermons and twitter posts we're starting to hear talk very reminiscent of the old days.  It's subtle but it's there.  With each statement there was a clear vibe that there was something coming to suggest they were going to ask for more money.  Purple Cow, Samurai - we've seen the many ways they go for the "big give".  I personally gave many thousands to their (manipulation) special giving programs.

They did a 4 part sermon series they are calling "Year of Faith" where the prime focus goes back to the tired formula of 'Do A, B & C and God is going to bless the hell out of you' (my description).  Weeks 1 & 2 had a strong focus on faith, believing God is going to make your dreams come true with little hints at giving.  Those in my inner circle of former Crossing attenders agreed that week 3 would be about giving.

Week 3 came and went yet no sermon.  Well isn't that curious?  Hmmm...why would that be?  People started asking and the Crossing said it wouldn't be posted online.

Promoting your big series and yet purposefully leaving out one sermon certainly makes you wonder what could be in that sermon that they refuse to share it.  If God is on your side, and making your grand vision to be a church of 10,000 (or is it 20,000?  The visions keeps changing.) then why can't we see it?  

Hold onto your bank account numbers Crossing people!  It's coming!  Or was that week 3 and we just didn't see it?  Oh my...what is in that missing sermon???