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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Vision?

We've been told to submit. Told to give sacrificially or people will go to hell.  Told that God has given the Crossing a Vision to be a church of 20,000.  Told that if we were not on board with that vision that we'd be escorted, or kicked, out the back door.

Yet their current Rock Star series has brought about a new twist.  References to leaving your home, friends and family.  Talking of the importance of an education; after telling a young man that wasn't necessary when he had a few months left before getting his degree to join them.  And now the big kicker: the dream must die.  "Why does it seem like we get a dream from God and then it doesn’t come through?"  Letting go of your dream because God has something bigger and better.  "God will give you double for your trouble."  Those are sure nice words but please explain that to the woman holding her dying child in the Sudan.  Tell that to the survivors of the churches bombed in Iraq.  Treating God like the big slot machine in the sky.  'If I put in a lot I'll get a big payout!' 

This congregation gave unbelievable amounts of money.  They were convinced to sell their possessions and cash out their 401K.  Yet it is nearly a year later and there is no sign of a new building.

So what's the new twist?  Asking for even more money?  A new Vision?  Stay alert people and hold onto your checkbooks!