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Friday, June 23, 2017

PRIDE Weekend and The Crossing Church

As those of us in the Twin Cities begin our celebration of the GLBT community, as both members and allies, lets not forgot how The Crossing Church of Elk River, Minnesota views these beautiful humans.

Lets first look at their history.  On Kelly Dykstra's blog in 2005, referencing the Elk River Ministerial Association meeting that there was "a woman minister with a gay agenda trying to get in.  Ick,"  Did you catch that?  "ICK"  Then in 2013 they had Hannah Parks speak where she preached against homosexuality from their stage. 

In October of 2016 I obtained their LGBT Statement which in short says "homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of God".  This was a comment about The Crossing from that blog post, "this is why I left the church as well. I had the Unfortunate interaction with a church members who went on to tell me I was abused sexually as a child and that is why I was gay. he belittled me and told me my only way to heaven was to be straight and throw myself into the church. Pastor Eric and his wife I had several conversations with about this and their teachings. telling someone they accept you then treat you like less than is not the way to be Christian in my mind. they are hypocrites that want your money and throw you away when they are done with you."  

Their sermon series this week even addresses this:
WEEK TWO: Can I be gay and be a Christian?
-Is God anti-gay?
-Are gay people condemned to hell?
-What does the Bible really say about LGBTQ issues?
-How should a church deal with such a touchy subject?

I promise you that you will not be accepted, affirmed or loved.  

For those of you who still profess to be Christian, and are being pummeled by The Crossing or other churches, I would highly encourage you to research Matthew Vines.  He has done much more extensive research than these bigots and may help give you the true acceptance you deserve.  

The Crossing wants your money (most of all), your time and your dedication.  But stop giving any of these and they will spit you out and forget you.  This is a blog of staff members who left a year ago.  Horrifying, sad and typical of their behavior.

My friends; go enjoy your PRIDE weekend and celebrate who you are!  Fuck trying to find a way to get in with these small minded jerks.  You are perfect as you are.