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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Get your Breakthrough at The Crossing Church

It was recently said to me  "I hope these posts give you the peace you need."  I said, "They give me laughs!"  Though I really do get a ton of laughs while writing these, her comment really stuck with me.  I asked myself "What am I getting from this blog?"  I did a post explaining why I care yet the latest posts are for much more than simply talking about what happened in the past and how The Crossing Church has never formally apologized to those they hurt.  My recent posts about The Crossing's 10% Advantage is about how churches manipulate and play on people's emotions and fears to get money.  It's sick and it's wrong.

I keep posting because I find The Crossing's formula, actually the typical Christian formula, to be a form of emotional and spiritual abuse.

Sure there is Grace; but want to make it better?  You don't HAVE to tithe but if you do then you get MORE!  People go to church, and most specifically churches like The Crossing, because they promise a better future.  They are selling hope at the bargain price of only 10% of your income!  This is done under the guise of "giving back to God".  Do all this and get a Breakthrough!

This is all well and good until:
  • there is job loss, no one hiring and bills are piling up
  • your debilitating pain condition gets worse
  • a child dies
  • a loved one is diagnosed with mental illness and life becomes chaos
  • your church kicks you out
  • your spouse has an affair and asks for a divorce
  • your depression worsens and you become immobile
  • Mr./Mrs. Right never comes
Yet it never stops at merely giving money; there will be bible study ("getting into the Word!"), small groups, serving, praying, praying some more, having others pray for you and baptism.  Each of these keeps you doing something so you feel that surely your prayers will get answered.  When something goes right they yell "Yeah God!" and when it all falls apart you are left alone in your misery. Sure there will be the typical comments of "Are you praying?  Are you giving?  Do you have bitterness in your heart?  Are you sure you are really a Christian?" and the extra loving "Well I had a hard life too and I'm happy so what's your problem!?".  Ahh the Christian love!

Prayers will go unanswered.  It does not always work out in the end.  You have no guarantees.  This is life.  What The Crossing does, and so many churches like them, is to set people up for a downfall, disbelief and heartbreak.

My best breakthrough was the day I left.