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Monday, November 14, 2016

Kelly "Fights for a Girl"...sort of

I've been watching Kelly's Dykstra's new initiative "Fight for a Girl" with interest to see if this will actually be something of value and help for females or simply another way for Kelly to glorify herself.  The information is sketchy.

This seems to be their mission statement:
Fight For A Girl seeks to empower women globally to rise up into the calling of freedom on their lives. And we want you to be a part of it with us. We want to create a platform where we can learn how to fight for ourselves, our relationships, our neighbors, and our sisters on the other side of the world. We want to see you rise up, and we believe that as you do, the people around you will be freed to rise up, too. Our goal is to be a partner, a bridge, a resource, and an encouragement as we all open our eyes and join hands with each other. 

They frequently allude to money that is raised at the Twirl events, or through buying their ever growing amount of merchandise, in some way goes to "Fight for a Girl" yet dollar figures are never given and you aren't sure exactly who is being helped.  There was a scholarship fund to send a single mother to Crossing College, but again, this only gives money straight back to The Crossing!  Ca-Ching!

All this aside; Kelly actually had a heartfelt and poignant post after the election talking about what the loss meant to women.  She spoke about women rising up.  She spoke about being strong women.  She spoke candidly about her feelings.  Right when I almost had an ounce of respect for her the post was taken down. And this post was put up:

She was told by "close friends" (read = friends in power) that "the issues surrounding the candidates and parties are too volatile for this".  They are right.  The issues are volatile and this is why you should be speaking up!  Fuck your friends, Kelly.  You did nothing wrong.  Well until you cowered to the powers that be.

I do hope you "Fight for a Girl" one day but you sure aren't now.


Anonymous said...

I guess i thought all of the "fight for a girl" was another way to get more money donated to the Platts. I think there is a lot of fatigue within the Crossing Church with how often they have tried to fundraise for Sam and Angie.

Unknown said...

Actually, the church does VERY little (read, none) financial support for Samm and Angie. I learned that firsthand when we were trying to bring them home from Thailand for their visas. It's incredibly frustrating to see them raise TONS of money for the kids in Haiti, but NO money goes towards the Platt's.

Back Alley said...

Yet did all of the money supposedly going to the orphanage in Haiti actually go there? Have they EVER shown a dollar figure? They definitely imply that money is going to the Platts, and imply it's going to Haiti, but I have yet to see anyone produce actual dollar figures to show some accountability. Kind of like Eric and Kelly's salaries...big mystery!

Anonymous said...

I personally know that the platts asked the crossing to pay for them to come home from new Zealand....It wasn't going how they imagine. Which the Crossing paid for them to come back, a year or so later they uprooted again to were they are now.
As for how much the lead pastor​/and wife make is well above average income ($$$$$$) in Elk River. Btw they now live in st Paul in a condo so their kids can go to fancy Schools.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't think the church should support the platts..how is that fair to every other person who wants to be a missionary. Pastor Erica and Kelly's passion is Haiti..why force them to pay for the platts to..thats their journey not the crossings.

Anonymous said...

So what. That's their life. If a mom and dad want to send their kids some where that's their business not everyone else's. Who cares what they do with their life. Are you mad because you can't do the same? If not then shut up about it. Don't get me wrong I have my own problems with the church..personal problems..but I am not gonna sit here and judge them for personal changes they make..im still a Christian and that's their journey with God not mine.

Back Alley said...

The issue, anonymous, is that they get their money from all of you tithing. So they need to be accountable and transparent in their spending. You're right, they can certainly send their kids to any school they want, purchase or rent any property, and travel across the world at will. But they should also disclose to those paying their way, their congregation, how much of the tithe money goes to their salaries. Am I mad because I can't do the same? LMFAO! No, sweetie, I'm doing fine. In fact, better than ever because I'm no longer tithing to people trying to manipulate me out of my money. Biggest raise ever! If you have problems with the church then say so. Are you waiting for God to take care of it? You'll be waiting a LONG time.