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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Crossing College - Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts on The Crossing College.  At a cursory glance it's obviously an environment that is ripe for spiritual abuse.  I fear the stories that will come from this mockery of education.

This first post has only two main points:
  1. This is not a real degree.
  2. You will be paying to work for The Crossing.
The Crossing College is offering a Diploma in Biblical Studies and an Associates in Church Leadership & Ministry.  As stated on their website, they qualify for religious exempt status from the Degree Authorization Act.  The exemption requires the following:

● Aimed for and attended by individuals who hold or seek to learn the beliefs of the organization
● Designed to prepare students to become ministers of the church
● No programs not closely related to the organization's beliefs

This "degree" will only be good at The Crossing Church.  You are paying for training to work at The Crossing Church.  Your "credits" cannot be transferred to an actual institution of higher learning. 

Now the Internship program really gets interesting! 
So to be in their "college" you have to also serve for them.  If you are on vacation you are still expected to attend church.  Think they won't be tracking this?  They will be watching your every move!

More posts to come.  You know what this is really all about, don't you?

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