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Friday, October 7, 2016

The Crossing's LGBT Statement

The Crossing's LGBT Statement

I'll summarize for you; come worship with us, and certainly give us your tithe money, but we don't honor you as a human being in the slightest!  The play on words between Affirm and Accept is demeaning.  If you don't affirm a person for who they were created to be, something they have absolutely no choice in deciding, then you certainly don't accept them.  But hey, it's OK, we were onto your bullshit long ago.


Billy said...

Hello! Thank you for posting this. Would you mind telling me when this statement was released and how you obtained it? As a former member of this church for several years, I left for exactly this reason. Not because of their beliefs, but rather because they were hiding their anti-gay discriminating policy. I'm quite sure this statement resulted of because of my objections to not discosing it. The Crossing finally gave me their policy as I politely persisted, and then cut off any and all discussions about it. The interesting part is the policy you posted above is not the same policy I was given. There is much more to the story, and I'd like to speak with you if you don't mind.

Back Alley said...

Hi Billy,

I'd be happy to discuss further. Feel free to email me at TFTBA@mail.com

I'd also encourage you to read this post I did in 2013. http://backalleythoughts.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-crossing-church-comes-out-of-closet.html

Anonymous said...

this is why I left the church as well. I had the Unfortunate interaction with a church members who went on to tell me I was abused sexually as a child and that is why I was gay. he belittled me and told me my only way to heaven was to be straight and throw myself into the church. Pastor Eric and his wife I had several conversations with about this and their teachings. telling someone they accept you then treat you like less than is not the way to be Christian in my mind. they are hypocrites that want your money and throw you away when they are done with you

Billy said...

I am so sorry you went through this at The Crossing. Unfortunately, I'm not surprised. They remain silent on the issue of publicly disclosing their anti-gay disciminatory policy - I am still a regular protester. This behavior on their part is absolutely unacceptable on the part of any person, group, or organization - much less the church!

Allow me to tell you something that they will not. If you are not going to heaven, it most certainly has NOTHING to do with being being gay. If you prefer to remain anonymous, I completely understand. But I would love to hear more about this experience. Feel free to call me at 952-446-6230 or email me at luckystrummer@gmail.com.

If you aren't aware of some of the evangelical expert theologists, some are starting to sing a different tune on this issue. I often recommend Dr. David Gushee and him addressing this on YouTube. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/6Mz5JbkFlok

Keep in mind, Gushee is a well renown Professor of both theology and Christian ethics. He speaks all over the world. He is now an apologist who is sharing the message that the church has made a huge mistake in how they interpret the bible regarding homosexuality. He is/was a Baptist pastor as well. He is not your Sunday clergy or pastor. He teaches them. Eric and Kelly and Maria and all of the leadership they have do not have anything near the capacity of understanding the bible as this guy. But don't hold your breath waiting The Crossing to come around. What you can count on is that there is an entire generation, several in fact, that have no intention of allowing these lies, hiding of policies, treating the LGBTQ as "less than." Dependng on how old you are, you may see this spiritual abuse disappear entirely, and the irony is that the people thatneed to be saved at The Crossing are their own clergy.

Gid Bless,


Back Alley said...


I am so very sorry for what happened to you at The Crossing Church, As Billy said, not surprised at all. There is nothing wrong with you. They are wrong. "they are hypocrites that want your money and throw you away when they are done with you" <- That! And they will do this to you whether you are gay, straight or anything in the spectrum (which is really where we all are). (hug) Again, I'm sorry. Fuck them. Go live your life and be happy.