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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crossing Church Grand Opening - Can they move past their previous abuses?

It's a matter of hours until The Crossing Church begins their grand opening of their multi-million dollar new building.  Their "leaders" are poised and ready for the troubled, naive and clueless to wander through the new doors with their wallets open in hopes of getting a little "favor" or "blessings" from God.  What most of these people don't realize is The Crossing Church's history and their failure to right the wrongs of their troubled past.

Churches are run by humans and any good Christian will take a lot of effort to shame anyone that speaks out against pain and suffering caused by the church.  We spoke out anyway.  We were belittled, demeaned and even threatened to shut up but we didn't.  We were told we were: bitter, confused, stopping people from meeting Jesus, needed to forgive and heartless.  We told our many stories of manipulation, betrayal, hurt and disposal.

There was an apology, to me, though I'm not really the one that needed it.  To put it bluntly, I do not see how The Crossing Church, and specifically Eric and Kelly Dyskstra, can stand on that stage bellowing about grace and not make amends for the immense damage they did to human lives. It's unfathomable yet it goes on.

I've said it before and I'll reiterate it one more time: Eric, Kelly and The Crossing - if you make amends for what you've done then I will shut up.  Admit it.  Stop covering up.  Humble yourselves.  Let go of your insanely large egos for just a moment and be sorry.  You wonder why people call you a cult?  This is why!!


Lucinda Benson said...

I have never attended the Crossing Church, but my family was abused by a different church. I would like to recommend a book someone recommended to me titled "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse" by Pastor Dave Johnson and Jeff Van Vonderen. It's a must read for all believers. My husband and I also purchased a video series titled "Breaking the Silence on Spiritual Abuse" and showed it to whoever wanted to view it from the church we left. I suggest you buy the book and form a study group with those who have been wounded. God never said to put your trust in man; He said put your trust in Him and Him alone. There have always been wolves in shepherd's clothing.

Back Alley said...

Great book. Thank you.

crossingchurchguy said...

"if you make amends for what you've done then I will shut up"


"Let go of your insanely large egos"

I think you're the one with the ego problem if you think your blogging hobby contain any ability to persuade your audience to fulfill your demands.

Back Alley said...

Well actually my "blogging hobby" has had quite a large impact on "my audience". There have been multiple apologies and amends made to people that were used and abused by The Crossing. They still have a big one that is owed though (http://onemothersjourney7.blogspot.com/)

Why don't you do a little research, crossingchurchguy (so original) and get some history of what has gone on at your precious house of worship.

So no ego problem here...I know I'm awesome!!

By the way - I feel the love of Christ with your every word. ;-)

crossingchurchguy said...

I'm honestly not here to pick a fight but to try and dialogue with you because I don't understand where you're coming from.


I think you have faulty logic. Hear me out:

1. you want apologies
2. you blog
3. apologies are made
4. you conclude your blog made a difference

Consider this scenario:

1. I don't like panthers
2. I buy a panther-repelling rock
3. no panthers come around
4. clearly, the rock made a difference

I understand that's not a perfect analogy, but the logic is the same and susceptible to false conclusions.


"Why don't you do a little research"

This is presumptuous. What are you incorrectly assuming about me? I've been involved with the church since 2009 and had several conversations with both Curtis and Sharon. I may be more familiar with their side of the story than you are. Please don't ignorantly criticize my supposed ignorance - that won't facilitate a meaningful conversation.

Are you interested in a meaningful conversation?

Back Alley said...

My logic is fine. If you don't want to believe this blog has made a difference then go with that belief. I know the truth.

As for apologies, I've been very clear. I've asked for them to apologize to those they've harmed. Yes, they've given some apologies but not to this family - http://onemothersjourney7.blogspot.com/

And I promise, without any question, that you do not have more familiarity with this young couple's side of the story than me. Have you continued their journey with them over the years? Walked by their side? When was the last time you had a conversation with one of them? Again, I'm quite aware of all the details in this situation. Now who is being presumptuous?

When I refer to research I'm referring to the terrible history of The Crossing Church. I am most definitely interested in meaningful conversation, but I'll be blunt, I don't think that's possible with you still there mainlining the Kool Aid.

You don't understand where I'm coming from so I'll make it simple: I'm against people being used and abused by churches. The Crossing used and abused people. I'm calling them out on their actions. That's it.

crossingchurchguy said...

Thank you for clarifying your position - that's helpful. Our debate would center around me maintaining that the church didn't use/abuse people, but you seem pretty resolute that they did, so our biggest agreement is that we probably won't have meaningful conversation. That's unfortunate.

I don't think I was presumptuous. I said "I may be more familiar..." which left room for that which I did not know. You said "Why don't you do a little research..." completely implying I had no clue of the situation.

I trust that you are closer to Katie K. than I am to Curtis and Sharon these days, but I was quite close to both Curtis and Sharon during the drama occurring while they were at the church, and they had some very interesting stuff to say. So kudos to you for walking with them during the time since they left the church. Likewise, I've been continuing the journey with pastors Eric and Kelly in the years following, so it seems you and I are both well aware of the situation, although we have pretty different bodies of knowledge.

I can assure you I'm not drinking Kool Aid - I've gone to the scriptures again and again to see if I could build a case against the theology or methodology of the Crossing church, and I continue to find their message and methods biblically sound. I'm critical, but constructively so, and have become a defender and advocate of the church through my attempts to find ways to discredit it, somewhat similar to how CS Lewis because a defender and advocate of Christianity after trying and failing to disprove it.

Many who defend the church against accusations do so with zeal and not much knowledge, so I understand your skepticism. I'm not one of those, however.

Back Alley said...

So if the Crossing didn't hurt people then what have the apologies been for?

Jen said...

I'd like to know which Bible he is reading.....