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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Apology

So Eric has changed.  He's a new pastor.  No more preaching about curses, no slamming people and I'd assume no more "going to heaven exhausted".  Nice.  You repented of preaching this way.  Again, how nice. 

Now where is the apology for the lives you destroyed?  Where is the apology for the people you kicked out because they weren't living up to your grand expectations?  Where is the apology for the people whose faith you pulverized?  Where is the apology for the children whose view of God and church exploded in their face due to your actions?  

You preach about going to CR and doing the 12 steps.  You preach that you should admit your mistakes.  You preach amends   

So own this Eric.  
* A note to those that hide any critique from Eric; you aren't helping him,  you aren't helping the situation and you aren't helping God. Back off.

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